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Bagging TEFL jobs in foreign locations could be a great start to new and interesting teaching experience altogether. Aspiring or working teachers willing to live and teach English abroad needs to be TEFL qualified. Completing TEFL course of at least 120 hours duration which includes some classroom teaching experience is beneficial to acquire TEFL jobs overseas. TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language) is making its presence felt and there has been a considerable demand for trained EFL/ESL teachers as English language learning is not only about acquiring language skills but gaining a better understanding of the world.

TEFL opens up a world of opportunities

TEFL is a qualification which prepares and trains you to teach English to those whose first language is not English. With a TEFL certification you can start teaching in local, government and international schools, language institutes and institutions of further education in the UK, Asia and other European nations. TEFL has opened up a world of opportunities for all you globetrotters with a passion for teaching and a zest for a new life. So if you are keen on embarking on a TEFL adventure get yourself trained in the TEFL methodologies and decide on the age group ranging from elementary, high school, university students or adults.

Huge demand for English teachers in globalized Asia

Schools abroad are keen to hire English teachers with a TEFL certification and of late, ESL jobs are opening up with a great demand for English teachers in globalized Asia. Asia has become the current sought after destination for ESL teachers. You can start your TEFL career in Thailand after obtaining a TEFL certification as it will be familiarizing with only the Thai students with language difficulties rather than having a mixed bag of random nationalities. A lot of well financed government initiatives are conspicuous and with countries like South Korea and Vietnam steadily making its presence felt on a global scale, the demand for English language and with it ESL job openings are at an ever expanding mode. China is churning out huge vacancies for English teachers and there are adequate ESL jobs in Japan and Taiwan as well.

TEFL jobs galore in Europe

Europe is also dishing out ample of opportunities for ESL teacher travellers. TEFL jobs abroad are aplenty in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and even Russia where English language educators are needed to teach future English users. There are ample job opportunities in European nations like Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Ukraine. A Bachelor’s degree will be an added advantage. Internet is flooded with TEFL jobs abroad and there are many TEFL job portals for ESL teachers to apply worldwide. The teachers can contact the school personally for employment as well.  

Salaries vary from country to country

Salary levels vary depending on the location, the type of employer you work for, the terms and conditions of employment, as well as your level of qualification and experience. A reputable employer always offers a better package but salaries vary widely between countries and across organisations. If you are teaching in Europe you can expect a pay package of around USD1500 – USD 3000 per year and in the UK between 13,000 GBP and 25,000 GBP. Generally the better paid jobs are available in countries such as Thailand, Japan, Taiwan and Korea in Asia. In Thailand you can expect a salary of around 775 GBP per month and in countries like Vietnam, China and Taiwan the salary ranges between 775 GBP and 1545 GBP. Private and international schools may also offer higher salaries and teaching English to business professionals will fetch you better pay package.



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